Reduce 90% of all your expenses

Nowadays when we think of starting a business, the charges appear before we open it, we have not yet invoiced and we are already paying, but when we want to launch in the business market there are no difficulties or barriers, sometimes we do not think or calculate what can go wrong we only think of winning, raising, invoicing, create an image so that we can be recognized and have credibility before our customers and business partners. Creating and setting up this whole initial support structure is a costly, time-consuming process with fixed monthly costs, with employee(s), office rent, water and electricity supplies, Internet, Fax, Telephones, Printers, Maintenance, Cleaning , Alarm, etc.

At Virtual Office Telheiras you will find all this support already assembled and created reducing more than 90% of the costs of your company. With this turnkey project you and your company will enjoy a prestigious office in Lisbon with all the Front and Back Office support you need.


Have you think if your company
really needs to a have a permanent physical office?